SCR Story

Stone Cold Restorations had its origins in a Southwest Airlines flight between Dallas and Albuquerque. As we waited on the tarmac for a thunderstorm to pass, the lady seated next to me (LaDeidra), told me of how she had long been sad about the condition of her mother's headstone. Over the years it had accumulated dirt and grime and was tilted off to one side. But LaDeidra had recently taken the initiative to clean and level the headstone, and this process gave her a sense of peace and satisfaction.

As LaDeidra and I continued to visit, I learned that she was in the final stages of turning gravesite restoration into a business.

By the time we landed in Albuquerque, I was excited about the potential to venture into the same field at my home location in North Carolina.

My first steps were extensive research into headstone cleaning and restoration procedures. I learned the do's and the don't's and identified the best biological cleaner (D/2 Biological Cleaner) to use for my work.

SCR is now a mix of community service (cleaning headstones of veterans, infants and homicide victims at no charge) and small contract jobs that help finance the community service.

I'm currently working in Section J, an old and somewhat neglected section of the Maplewood Cemetery in Durham, NC. Most of the headstones in Section M date between 1825 - 1950. Many headstones have death dates of the early 20th century pandemic (1918 - 1921)

Community Service

I work with Durham County's Teen Court program. Youthful violators are typically given community service hours to perform in leu of charges.

The Teen Court participants seem to enjoy this type of community service and gain a sense of satisfaction from making the cemetery look better.